Chain-mail Armor

DESCRIPTION: I wanted to try something different, so I tried out making chain-mail armor.  This weave is called the European 4 in 1, and is considered the easiest to build.  The links are just butted nail and not welded or riveted, so any extreme hits would cause this version of armor to break apart.

MATERIALS: 14 Gauge galvanized steel wire.  Same kind of wire use in electric fencing.  A steel rod was used to spool the wire around to make the rings.


Iron Man Mark IV

DESCRIPTION: My greatest undertaking!  After seeing Avengers in theaters, I felt the need to make my own Iron Man costume.  Went the fiberglass approach, except for I am using a two part plastic called EpoxAmite instead.  It's odorless, so it can be worked on indoors.

SOFTWARE: Pepakura Designer, Maya, Netfabb

MATERIALS: Cardstock, Fiberglass cloth, Epoximite 100, Bondo, Spot Putty, Primer, Spray Paint, Airbrush paint, Picaxe electronics, LEDs, Metal hinges, Magnets

BUILDING TIME: 4.5 years

They Live 3D Printed Mask

DESCRIPTION:  Based on the movie They live.  I designed the mask in 3D and was printed through the company The material is a strong Flexible White Plastic, printed only 1mm thick.  It was painted using a combination of airbrushing and hand painting.

SOFTWARE: Maya, Zbrush

MATERIALS:  Strong Flexible White Plastic, Acrylics

BUILDING TIME: 1.5 months

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Dr. Krieger - Archer

DESCRIPTION:  Dr. Krieger from the TV show Archer.  Pretty simple costume with clothing outlined with black lines.

SOFTWARE: Photoshop - for the badge

MATERIALS:  Airbrush, Black Makeup, Lab coat


James Bond - GoldenEye, DK Mode

DESCRIPTION:  James Bond, based on the Big head DK mode from the video game Goldeneye.

SOFTWARE: Pepakura Designer, Photoshop

MATERIALS:  3D file printed on Cardstock