Iron Man Mark IV

DESCRIPTION: My greatest undertaking!  After seeing Avengers in theaters, I felt the need to make my own Iron Man costume.  Went the fiberglass approach, except for I am using a two part plastic called EpoxAmite instead.  It's odorless, so it can be worked on indoors.

SOFTWARE: Pepakura Designer, Maya, Netfabb

MATERIALS: Cardstock, Fiberglass cloth, Epoximite 100, Bondo, Spot Putty, Primer, Spray Paint, Airbrush paint, Picaxe electronics, LEDs, Metal hinges, Magnets

BUILDING TIME: 4.5 years

They Live 3D Printed Mask

DESCRIPTION:  Based on the movie They live.  I designed the mask in 3D and was printed through the company The material is a strong Flexible White Plastic, printed only 1mm thick.  It was painted using a combination of airbrushing and hand painting.

SOFTWARE: Maya, Zbrush

MATERIALS:  Strong Flexible White Plastic, Acrylics

BUILDING TIME: 1.5 months

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Dr. Krieger - Archer

DESCRIPTION:  Dr. Krieger from the TV show Archer.  Pretty simple costume with clothing outlined with black lines.

SOFTWARE: Photoshop - for the badge

MATERIALS:  Airbrush, Black Makeup, Lab coat


James Bond - GoldenEye, DK Mode

DESCRIPTION:  James Bond, based on the Big head DK mode from the video game Goldeneye.

SOFTWARE: Pepakura Designer, Photoshop

MATERIALS:  3D file printed on Cardstock