"Craft is an extremely talented, inventive, and dedicated compositor and 3D generalist. I’ve never known him to walk in late or go home before his work was done, and even when the animation was at its finest, he brought it to a much higher professional level before it went out to the client. His quiet fortitude and work ethic alone make him a valuable asset, but it’s the extra time he spends after hours, exploring beyond his job duties, that makes him much more capable and valuable than most. He’s a straight shooter and a great guy to work with."

Bret Farley - Stay At Home Dad, Writer - Worked together at Ghost Productions


"There is a reason I call Craft "Mr. Wizard." Without fail, he can work magic - whether production is running smoothly or the train is derailing and we're down to the wire, he consistently manages to make the final product look awesome. I know that my direction will be followed and improved upon with Craft's creative input. He has a great eye for transitions and timing. He's easy to work with and has a great sense of humor."

Allison Howle - Animator and Designer at CRASH+SUES - Worked together at GhOst Productions


"Jason has a keen eye for both detail and beauty, the two most important aspects of video post-production. He consistently contributes to defining and improving the visual aesthetic of every project he works on."

Mathew Perrin - Interactive Producer at Carmicheal Lynch -Worked together at GhOst Productions


"There is no harder working, more trustworthy, or artistically gifted motion graphics compositor in the world than Jason Craft (Crafty)."

Stephan Kuslich - CEO at GhOst Productions, Inc.


"Jason Craft is one of those rare people who does not need more than one explanation of something. Aside from his ability as a quick study, he excels in every aspect of Visual Effects with seamless efficiency. I would equate his contribution to a team project as if he was the well tuned big block V8, in a muscle car. It was a pleasure to have a like minded person on the few projects that we worked together on. I would do it again with out a second thought."

Kyle Franke - Motion Director/Freelance - Studied together at The Arts Institutes International Minnesota