Visual Effects/ Motion Graphics

Portal: Terminal Velocity

DESCRIPTION:  My greatest feat!  Based on the video game, Portal.  This is my interpretation of what a real Portal gun would be like if one existed.  This went viral the summer of 2012 and appeared on such sites as: G4TV, IO9, Forbes, Itworld, Yahoo, MSNI.  This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection.


SOFTWARE:  Maya, Zbrush, PFTrack, After Effects, Photoshop

Portal:Terminal Velocity - Before and After Comparison

DESCRIPTION: The before and after comparison of my viral hit, "Portal:Terminal Velocity".  This will give you a good idea of how the shots were broken down, from; camera tracking, camera cuts/ blending, editing, and color correction.  Any before footage not being shown with the final composite was produced entirely in 3D and not actually filmed.

Birmingham Heart Clinic

DESCRIPTION:  A 30 second spot I worked on during my time at Ghost Productions highlighting the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease (Coronary Artery Disease). 

RESPONSIBLE FOR:  Compositing and 3D parallaxing images.

SOFTWARE:  After Effects, Photoshop

K2M Climbers

DESCRIPTION:  An orthopedic character animation I worked on during my time at Ghost Productions.  A cinematic narrative to highlight K2M's devices and their application to specific spinal pathologies.

RESPONSIBLE FOR  Compositing, particles, motion graphics and modeling of some 3D props.

SOFTWARE:  Maya, Zbrush, After Effects

Endless Summer

DESCRIPTION:  Thirty second commercial from my internship at Crash & Sues.  Advertising a flower companies Endless Summer Collection.

RESPONSIBLE FOR:  Modeling of 3D flowers, gondola, lamp, water, buildings, palm trees.  Rotoscoping of multiple flowers and other elements, and some color correction.

SOFTWARE:  Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Robotic Endo Arm

DESCRIPTION:  College project.  A guy puts on a robotic arm. A 3D matchamation shot, all hand tracked and animated.


SOFTWARE:  Maya, Shake, Boujou, After Effects

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Arachnid Attack

DESCRIPTION:  College project.  3D matchmove. A guy runs from a Warrior Arachnid that I had modeled in likeness of the movie Starship Troopers.  


SOFTWARE:  Shake, Maya, PFTrack, After Effects

Reality TV

DESCRIPTION:  College project.  A visual effects short where a soldier crawls out of the TV.  Inspired by the movie, The Ring.   


SOFTWARE: Shake, Photoshop, After Effects

The 6 Million Dollar Man Propel Fitness Water Commercial

DESCRIPTION: College project.  The 6 Million Dollar Man spoof, advertising Propel Fitness Water.

RESPONSIBLE FOR:  CG weights, CG wall, rotoscoping of some shots. Done with 2 other people.

SOFTWARE:  Shake, Maya, Photoshop

VFX Hands AD

DESCRIPTION:  College project.  A commercial advertising visual effects. Inspired by the HP hand commercials.


SOFTWARE:  Maya, Shake, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Bullet Time

DESCRIPTION:  College project.  An agent shoots past the camera, bullet time effect.


SOFTWARE:  Maya, After Effects

Hologram Transmission

DESCRIPTION:  College project. One of my very first visual effects pieces. A Sith transmits a hologram message to Lord Vader.


SOFTWARE:  3Ds Max, Combustion, Photoshop