Cool Stuff

Johnny 5 Robot CAD Files

DESCRIPTION:  Build your very own Johnny 5 Robot replica with these CAD files supplied by Input-Inc.  Input-Inc is a robotics group focused at rebuilding and redesigning the robot from the Short Circuit films. Just for the love of robots.  Input-Inc was originally distributing these files out for free to the public but has decided to shut down their website and no longer supply the Johnny 5 CAD files due to lack of time and money.  With that said, while they were still around I got the files and wanted to share their files with everyone.  The CAD files are incomplete in their current state and still need work, but it's a good start.

CONTAINS: CAD files for Life size Johnny 5 Robot - Incomplete, CAD files for miniature Johnny 5 Robot toy and reference Photos.

Iron Man Mark 4/6 Pepakura Files

DESCRIPTION:  Build your very own Iron Man suit like the one I built with these amazing Pepakura files supplied by Sharkhead7854.

SOFTWARE REQUIRED Pepakura Designer.

Adventure Time Minion Rig

DESCRIPTION:  The Free Minion Rig is designed for all animators. You can use it to learn animation principles or you can animate advanced body mechanics exercises.  Designed by Sergio.


Pink Panther Rig

DESCRIPTION: Fully rigged 3D Pink Panther character and ready to animate by Karim Kashefi.