Iron Man Build

It's been a long journey, but every journey must come to an end and I'm glad it's getting wrapped up.  When I first started this project I had started with just the helmet.  Finding out that it was possible, I had decided to make the full suit. I anticipated it only taking me 6 months, I was wrong.  A little over 4 years later I'm finally finishing up the suit which I'll probably tweak here and there and constaintly make minor improvements to, but for the most part it's done.  Most of the suit is hand made, the bigger parts like the helmet, chest, back and legs.  When it came down to the smaller parts, like the fingers and hands I learned 3D printing.  All the parts used to be Pepakura, but over time and as my skills improved in 3D printing, I've changed out a few parts to 3D print. These parts I designed myself.  Will I ever make a suit like this again?  Well, I do have casts/molds of everything, so we'll see.   I'd probly 3D print and only make helmets or use foam.  The suit turned out great, but I can tell you this, it's not very practical.  If you're building your own suit and have questions, feel free to ask me anything.  I've picked up many tricks/ideas over the years while building mine.  Enjoy!

Spring 2017 - Suit Debut, Wizard World Minneapolis May 6th

Winter 2017 - Helmet electronics

Fall 2016 - Finished paint job

Summer 2016 - Painting/Straps

Spring 2016 - Strapping/Hinges

Winter 2015 - Mold making

Spring 2015 - Finished prototype parts

Winter 2014 -Finished prototype parts

Summer 2014 - Building the legs, Bondo

Spring 2014 - Some 3D printed parts

Winter 2013 - Some 3D printed parts

Fall 2013 Pepakura and 3D print

Summer 2013 - Some 3D printed parts, Started learning 3D printing

Spring 2013 - Pepakura, Arms and ankles

Winter 2012 - Pepakura

Fall 2012 - Pepakura Helmet and Chest

Summer 2012 - The beginning, Pepakura Helmet